N-View mobile ltd. focuses on developing mobile applications to easily 

create virtual tours, with the aid of Augmented Reality.


is a unique mobile application which generates floorplans with the help of Augmented Reality. All you have to do is mark the bottom edges of the walls in a room, the application will take care of everything else. The application automatically fills in the door passages when the user walks into another room, aligns the scanned walls of the rooms perpendicularly to each other, sorts out the rooms in the floorplan, and fixes all accidental deviations during the scanning process


extends N-floorplan and enhances the application with the possibility to create 360° panoramic images. With Augmented Reality, the images are automatically assembled to create virtual tours, with interroom-navigable points. The user then just has to capture panoramic images of the floor to create a virtual tour. Everything else is setup automatically 

Try out our example virtual tour, created 

only with a smartphone.