Our company is founded on technology. We automate the scanning procedure of real estate floorplans with the help of smartphones, as well as creation of virtual tours, without the need of any external tools. 

We develop a platform, which has a purpose to speed up and optimize the real estate recruitment process by estate agents, in order to save money and time. Today it is not enough for clients to view pictures of real estates. Clients also want to see floorplans, and they wish to look around and navigate through the rooms as if they were present on site. Our application is automated to the point where the amount of tasks to be performed by the user is fully minimized. 

We welcome you to the future, to a time where everyone is able to examine all available real estate floorplans, take a walk through individual rooms, and explore the real estates from the comfort of home, either with smartphones, PCs, or in Virtual Reality.

Our uniqueness is based on two facts, and by uniqueness we absolutely mean that no one else offers the same possibilities:

  • with the help of Augmented Reality, you scan the entire floorplan in one take. The application itself takes care of the door passage plotting, alignment of rooms and the generation of floorplan designs
  • for a virtual tour, all you need is to capture panoramic images of the individual rooms. The application itself, with the help of Augmented Reality, will add navigable points to other rooms in the individual images